On behalf of the Zeta Rho chapter of Alpha Phi, I am more than honored to welcome you to our official website! My name is Sarah Stumpf and I am currently serving as the Chapter President of Alpha Phi at Bentley University. 


The sisterhood of Alpha Phi is composed of more than 165 collegiate campuses worldwide with close to 200,000 members. We all share the same values of sisterhood, scholarship, and service. All of which pioneer leadership, focus on the bond of loyalty, and create high expectations for character development. At Bentley University, the Zeta Rho Chapter enhances and promotes each member's development and learning by focusing on these core values that make our sisterhood thrive.

The sisters of the Zeta Rho chapter truly embody these values, reflecting in our participation in some of the most prestigious programs on campus.  Zeta Rho sisters are players on varsity sports teams, orientation leaders, merit scholarship recipients, campus ambassadors for non-profits, members of service organizations, and leaders in so many more organizations.  In addition to our academic achievement and involvement on our campus and in our community, we hold a special place in our hearts for our philanthropy, the Alpha Phi foundation, which supports women's heart health.  Thank you for taking a moment to learn about Alpha Phi at Bentley University. We hope you find this chapter as special as we do!


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"Success is about finding your own style and your own way."




-Notable Alpha Phi Alumni

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